Thursday, April 10, 2014

dear boys: lowercase it

dear sharpie,
my magic eraser isn't working.
but i wouldn't mind if you stuck around a little longer.

dear tootsie roll,
goodness gracious, you are fine.

dear funny face,
what would you say if we dated?
oh you like that idea?
good. me too.
p.s. your smile is still killin' it.

dear you,
it's been a wild ride and you're almost back.
excuse me while my nerves make me puke.
you're adorable,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Friends Are Gonna Kill Me

YOU GUYS. I JUST STALKED THESE PHOTOS ON MY FACEBOOK AND THEY ARE TOO HILARIOUS NOT TO SHARE. I know my friends are gonna KILL ME, but I COULD NOT stop laughing. We all look so ridiculous! I just love it!

 This exchange often took place between Sarah & I. Gosh, I love that woman. 
 Look how CLEAR our skin is! It's like butter. 
If there's anything that describes my relationship with these girls, then this photo would be it. 
Well now that I've thoroughly embarrassed all my friends...I am such a blessed and lucky girl to have moved in the Sugar 4th Ward and made such special, eternal connections with these girls. They make me laugh, understand my boy problems, love me when I'm an idiot, and change me for the better. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without these five girls in my life. Lindsay, Shelby, Carlee, Sarah, and Janae...I love you to the moon and back. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Because We're Broken

People are struggling.
Everywhere we look and everywhere we turn.
Sometimes they're tangible, but a lot times people deal with silent battles.

I've learned a lot of things about people this week. No matter how strong you are, how faithful you are, how nice you are, or how much money you make, trials WILL ALWAYS HAPPEN. They don't go away. 

Multiple people who are close to me have showed me themselves. They've revealed to me their secret hurt...their aches and their struggles. 

And instead of being turned away at their imperfections, my heart fills with so much love.
So much love that I can't even begin to express it here because I know with all my heart and soul that those people are loved. That there is a reason they are going through hard things. Through their trials, I am able to learn how to love and see them the way Christ sees them. 

While it may be difficult, all I know is that...we have to continue being kind.
We have to continue being empathetic.
We have to continue serving.
We have to continue to be willing to love
We have to keep moving forward.

There's no easy way to get over trials, but more than anything...I'm grateful.
I'm grateful for trials because in my broken state, I am more willing to see the brokenness in others and through that brokenness, we bond as human beings. We become people who are empathetic towards each other. We build each other up. We find ways to serve. And ultimately, we find Christ. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring FEEVVVVEEERRRRR #ootd #ilovespringoutfits

 (Dress: Dress Barn, Headband: Chrissy, Shoes: Payless, Personality: Me)
 AHHHHHH!!!! It is finally spring. This calls for dresses and polka dot tennies cause I didn't have to wear a jacket to school today. HOLLA!!

Also, this is me celebrating the happiness that is owning an iPhone. I just love it so so much! And basically, I've been wearing this dress for the last three days. Because I love it.
Me. Being a noob. Because that's what I get called nowadays. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Nice Guys, Dating, and Lots of Random Stuff

The progression of my enthusiasm for dating has slowly dwindled. As a freshmen, I loved all boys. No matter if they were attractive or not. As a sophomore, I slightly dated a boy and that was a huge eye opener. Now as a junior (almost senior), I have gotten incredibly picky. I don't fall for every boy my eyes see anymore. I judge and scrutinize and fester and boil over one boy at a time. 

Which probably isn't much better than loving all boys in sight. *insert eye roll here*

My qualifications for a boy are simple: I just want him to be good. 

I don't want him to send me shirtless snapchats, I want him to talk to me in person and hang out with me. I don't want him to kiss me in public, I want him to understand that affection has an appropriate time and place. I want him to show me the details of what he's passionate about, even if I don't understand it because eventually I'll catch on. I want him to be intelligent. 

Good, amiable boys aren't easily identifiable. They don't match their shoes to their watch. They are humble, quiet and modest. They most likely wear their sneakers with their 80's jeans and say really awkward things. But they're not worried about appearances, they just want to be nice. And I like that. 

The ambrosia of romance is almost sickening. The media has penetrated our minds with filthy fantasies and perceptions: Disney princess movies and romance novels.  That's how we all believe romance should occur because it's in the media, right?!

But that's not at all how it goes. You don't meet that one special person without going through some crap first. Because that's life. 

I'm just so sick of being treated without so much as a second glance. Gosh darn it! I'm a beautiful daughter of God and I DO NOT deserve to be treated as anything less.

And with that, I'm gonna go get my new iPhone. Peace out. 


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