Thursday, July 24, 2014

Success: Because it's all I can think about.

I graduate next spring.

That's really, really, really soon and I unfortunately have been frightened of it. Which means all I've been thinking about is one question: HOW AM I GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL?

Which then leads to a more potent question: WHAT IS SUCCESS?

I often think of success as being the social media manager for Coca-Cola or doing PR for Disney. But these kinds of jobs are few and far between. They're not unattainable, mind you. Just extremely difficult to attain. 

But then I think of my mom. She is a working woman and has been my whole life. She has taught everything from 3rd grade to kindergarten for over 20 years. She's not the kind of teacher who gets the most requests or who changes every child who comes to her classroom. 


She's the kind of teacher who works her butt off so she can be the best teacher she can.
She's the kind of teacher who stays later than all the other teachers because she cares so much about what she's doing.
She's the kind of teacher who rallies for good education in politics and is a part of the Idaho Education Association.
She's the kind of teacher who gets involved.

Does the president of the United States know who she is? No.
Do the political leaders of Idaho know who is she? Not likely.
Does she make a difference in the community that she serves in? Absolutely. 


Let's take my dad too.
He worked at a consulting firm in Logan for years and then had a career change and we moved to Sugar City, Idaho so he could teach psychology at BYU-Idaho.

He's not the kind of professor who gets rallying reviews from every student he teaches or who feeds the souls of everyone who comes into his class so they absolutely LOVE psychology.

He's the kind of professor who uses his wisdom to avoid some pretty sticky situations.
He's the kind of professor who works extensively with mental health in Madison School District because he believes it's important to erase the stigma mental illness has brought to many students.
He's the kind of professor who knows the answer to every question students ask him because he studies and studies and is always reading and absorbing more knowledge.

Does the president of BYU-Idaho know who my dad is? No.
Does the superintendent of Madison School District know who he is? Maybe.
Does he affect the psychology department at BYU-Idaho and strive to make it the best department it can be? Absolutely.


It seems that I have to make that decision for myself. Except it's hard to feel like (at age 21), I can make a difference somewhere. That I can achieve the success I believe I want.

So while I still think being the social media manager of Coca-Cola would be an extremely successful career, is it possible to be successful without that? Do I need the validation of many other people to feel successful? Or does success come from within? How can success bring me happiness? Or does it?

Man, talk about a mid-life crisis.

What do you think? What makes someone successful?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dear Boys: Trippy

Dear Sharpie,
I miss you.
I really really do.

Dear You,
This is happening...
Just not like I expected it to.

Dear Hercules,
Well aren't you just freakin adorable.
General authority status, I'd say.

Dear Chinese,
You look like Zac Efron, but better 
because you're Mormon & play hockey.

Dear Rider,
You give me every reason to believe
I should like you. 
But I don't know if I do. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

To my Dad, my Papa Bear, and my Main Champ

Thank you. 

Thank you for telling me I'm "beautiful just the way I am" when I complain about my weight.
Thanks for silently protecting me.
For telling me your opinion, even when I don't want to hear it.

Gracias for listening when you can't understand me because I'm crying so hard. 

Merci for giving me the biggest hug when I came home from girl scout camp that first time and I was so homesick I couldn't stand it.

Thanks for telling me I looked stunning in my emerald green dress for Junior Miss.

Grazie for showing me how to look for the good in people. For showing me that life all ends up okay in the end, even if it's really crappy.

Thank you, Dad, for believing in me. For pushing me to get better grades. For taking me out to lunch before I leave to go back to college. For giving me money. For helping me choose books to read and movies to watch. For purchasing an iPhone for me because you know how much I love social media.

Danke for giving me priesthood blessings and for explaining principles of the gospel. Thank you for solving problems and telling me how brains work #psychologyprofessor. 

Thank you for guiding me, protecting me, calming me, teaching me, and most importantly...loving me. 
Loving me even when I screw up. Loving me when I haven't gotten enough sleep...(I still remember the morning when you told me to go back to bed after I had only said one word to you. Whoops...I'm grouchy when I'm tired.)

Thank you for your patience. For showing me how to handle difficult situations with grace and understanding. Even if it means typing a really nasty e-mail to whoever you're mad at, but then deleting it and sending the nicest e-mail you can muster.

Thanks for being the guy that makes our family laugh. It doesn't happen often, but when it makes the entire room explode with laughter.

Thanks for smiling and rolling your eyes at my stupid jokes and silly stories.
I wouldn't be the person I am today without your support and love.
You're the best of the best and the greatest champ around.
I love you, Daddy-o!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sometimes Social Media SUCKS

Yes...that phrase just flew through my fingers and bolted onto your computer screen. Shock. Technically, I want to make a living out of social media so it seems a little hypocritical for me to be ranting about its uselessness. But it really does suck sometimes.

Mostly because it completely screws up conversations. It creates a trap that I (and many others I'm sure) have fallen into: the fear of face to face interaction. 

Now, I totally get that fear. Because when you're talking to a cute boy and your mouth gets really dry and you start stumbling over your gets real embarrassing, real fast. Or when you want money from your mom so you don't talk to her about it, you just text her because you're afraid she'll say no. Totally legitimate fear.

But when does it end? I had a friend tell me once that he doesn't like talking on the phone because again...fear. But one time I called him to ask him a question and he texted me back like a minute later asking what I needed. So I made him call me because I don't know...THAT'S THE NICE THING TO DO.

My favorite is when I got in a huge fight with a friend a couple years ago...but guess what? It was over texting. Never once did I talk to her in person about it. She even wrote a blog post about me and tweeted about it too. 

Why does this happen?? Why don't people face reality? Literally. 

I can't tell you how much more it means to me when people engage in a conversation with me face to face. Why do I have to get to know somebody over Twitter, Facebook, texting or even worse Tinder? Can't there be a happy medium?

It's become a part of our daily dating routine: "I went on a date with him, but he hasn't texted me in like two days. He must not be interested." Nooooo...he's just being a normal human being! 

My mom told me a story about a year ago that brings up a good point. She was talking to a lady in my home ward who's son was seriously dating someone and considering marrying her. This boy told his mom that he wasn't sure if he wanted to marry her though because he never felt like he missed her when she wasn't around. The lady then told my mom that he didn't miss her because he was in constant communication with her 24/7 through various social media outlets.  

I believe this constant need to be talking to someone eliminates magic. It destroys the sweetness of seeing someone's face and experiencing a person's facial expressions and hand gestures. Did you know that non-verbal communication accounts for a large amount of a person's communication? (I believe it's about 80%, but I can't validate that statistic. So just go with it.) We've all communicated with someone before based solely on non-verbals. Aren't those conversations some of the best you've ever had?! My roommates are prime examples of this and it makes me laugh every time. 

By texting and tweeting and tindering someone, all that amazingness is lost. Think about it this way: you are only seeing 20% of a person by getting to know them through social media. How sad is that?! 

I, for one, would love to get to know at least 50 % of someone. And that can only be achieved through face to face interaction.

Now, social media doesn't completely suck or else how would be sharing my thoughts about this subject right now? But I think it's wise for me (and for others) to find a balance. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to do that yet, but I'll find a way. All I know is that I'm sick of these seemingly real relationships that aren't relationships at all. So I'm going to bite fear in the butt and start talking to people. Are you?

Monday, June 16, 2014


My roommates and I have this beautiful little poster hanging up in our apartment:

It's called our Love Therm. Aka: Love Thermometer. So to all the boys who walk into our apartment and are just dying to know who each boy is. Here ya go.

Dear Johnny Bravo,
You are the most attractive man 
every girl's eyes have ever beheld.
All girls in the 23rd Ward

Dear Hiccup,
Dang it!
I REALLY like you!
Gray suit and all.

Dear Flynn Rider,
You are absolutely perfect.
If you asked I think I'd marry you on the spot.
That is all.

Dear Tall, Dark, & Handsome,
Your eyes melt my heart.

Dear Kristof,
I think I like you.
A lot, a lot.
That's all.
Sleeping Beauty

Dear Dexter's Dad,
Sloooooow down. Just a bit.
Please. I think you are pretty great.
Dating you would be like the best thing ever, but you are too busy.
So for now I guess friends it is.

Dear Prince Naveen,
You're so easy to talk to.
I think I have a baby crush.

Dear Megamind,
You're sometimes cool.
It's a house divided.
Mulan, Merida, Sleeping Beauty, Odette, Ariel and Cinderella

Dear Snotlout,
You've just been dead zoned.
Suck it.

Dear Wreck-It Ralph,
You're good looking and SOOO nice.'re a tad awkward.
Your arms are longer than your body.
Mulan, Merida, Sleeping Beauty, Odette, Ariel, and Cinderella

Dear Prince Charming,
Wow. All I can say is wow. Like...WOW.
Could we date now?!
That'd be great. Thanks.

Dear Milo,
I didn't think I would like you.
But then I did.
Like how is that a thing??

Dear Prince Eric,
Took you on a date.
Now you're dating somebody else.

Dear Russell the Wilderness Explorer,
I just...uhhh...waaaa.
Okay. You're adorable.

Dear dude from Mulan whose name I can't remember,
You're a nice guy and all, but let's honest...
I'm a bit creeped out. More like a lot.
I'm a lot creeped out.


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