Thursday, April 26, 2012

People & The Things They Google

I love blogging for two reasons:
1. Networking
2. People & the things they google.
On blogger you can track who found your blog by certain words that people google
This is what I found:

"meine brille" or "my glasses" or "neue brille"
 or "new 

anne of green gables fashion

3 i have yet to encounter

does she knowwww you love her


i am currently a

I love people & the things they google.
P.S. I'm confused on why Nichelle's name led to my blog. :) ha!


  1. too funny! the google sources crack me up. one of my weirder ones is "i'm baked with a cop behind me."

  2. Oh yeahhhh! This is always fun to check!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog!



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